How to write a strong essay? Ace your essay with this in-depth article (Part-2)

A strong introduction is vital for providing a strong start to an essay. The introduction part is the first part of an essay; therefore, it is important to start strong. A strong introduction grabs your readers…

learn to write strong essays with this article

How to write a strong essay? Ace your essay with this in-depth article (Part-1)

A strong essay is a well-articulated piece of writing that summarizes the context, subject, and topic in a manner that is concise and easy to understand. …

The most advance language editing tool

Why choose ALE (Academic Language Editing) over other editing tools? Our Vision

With ALE we are mainly focusing on the larger scale of challenges faced by writers and researchers in the academic field whose native language is other than English. The tool comes in handy for those who find it…

ALE’s advanced functions and compatibility

ALE’s advanced functions and compatibility

Currently, ALE is developed to focus on providing academic editing and content solutions for scholars, writers, and academic professionals. …

ALE’s advanced plagiarism detector

ALE’s advanced plagiarism detector is engineered for the corporate market and academia. The plagiarism software integrated into ALE editing tool helps researchers and professional academic writers to evaluate and assess their work for potential plagiarism before publishing.

This is a web-based service that detects and identifies similar or identical text…


Author Assists presents ALE (Academic Language Editing) powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


ALE machine learning and AI-powered algorithm tool is an in-house editing tool developed by Author Assists. ALE is an automation of manual edit by leveraging the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. ALE is…

ALE (Academic Language Editing) tool by Author Assists

Author Assists’ research and development in artificial intelligence will revolutionize editing

For more than 18 years, Author Assists has been committed to transforming the publishing industry, offering editorial services by specializing in content formulation and providing language solutions across 169+ countries. …

What is qualitative and quantitative research? Learn about the differences and importance between qualitative and quantitative research

Difference between qualitative and quantitative research

Quantitative research

Quantitative research is a method or approach of research that allows a researcher to test a hypotheses by collecting data. A qualitative research is mainly…

What is paraphrasing? Learn paraphrasing in 5 easy steps

Paraphrasing definition

A Paraphrasing is rewriting of a specific passage from some other source of information. It is written in your own words, without changing the original meaning or removing any information. In other words, paraphrasing is the use of different…

Difference between thesis and dissertation

Difference between thesis and dissertation: Main components of writing an effective thesis paper

Thesis meaning

A thesis is a written document that contains a statement or a theory involving personal research, written by a university student or author that is submitted in support of candidature for attaining an academic degree…

Author Assists

Author Assists is an author resources center. We assist authors with preparing their manuscript for global publishers.

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